Outdoor Retailer Collective Voice

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The Future of Outdoor Retailer
Narrowed down to seven locations, the future location of the Outdoor Retailer trade shows hinges on many important factors. More »
Welcome to Collective Voice
Join the stakeholders of the active outdoors industry to gain an understanding of the space and logistic challenges and share ideas, questions and comments on the future of the Outdoor Retailer trade show. More »
Which Way Do We Grow?
If... Where... When... How should Outdoor Retailer keep growing No easy answers – pros and cons of each decision we face. More »
10-Year Future Vision of Outdoor Retailer
A unanimously approved vision designed to provide a path to a desired outcome for the future of Outdoor Retailer trade shows. More »
Important Lessons Learned
Embarking on the in-depth process to arrive at the 10-Year Vision Plan has given the OIA board a broad understanding of what it takes to put on a complex and successful show like Outdoor Retailer. More »